one decade

As of April 2nd, Dave and I have been married 10 years! (We were high school sweethearts, though, and have actually been together closer to 17 years.)


“wedding” day at the St. Paul County Courthouse


meeting up after 3 months of Officer Candidate School in hot, muggy Pensacola, FL


From his days at boot camp, when I would make him mix CDs he probably never got to listen to (I remember putting “Trapped” by Bruce Springsteen on one — it seemed apropos to his situation)

… and mail him dozens of Hershey bars, hidden inside those stiff white-cardboard photo mailers (he shared them with his roommates) …..

to now, a decade later, with three kids and six military moves under our belts — it’s been an adventure. (Hard to believe we’re still only halfway through the military phase of the adventure.)



But he’s been worth every second and it’s been a good ride.


IMG_3495(Looking as delighted as if he just found that baby under the picnic table! If only it were that easy.)

2 thoughts on “one decade

  1. Congrats on 10 years of marriage and 17 years together total! I love all the old pictures!

    Like y’all, my husband and I are high school sweat hearts. We’ve got 4 years of marriage, and 12 years together total. I told Stephen that when we got married, all those years of being together still counted. (Whenever we have our anniversary, I’m very quick to tell people how long we’ve been together total.) But I’ve come to learn that marriage (especially in the military) is tough. I’ve been challenged a lot more and learned a lot more during our married years.

    My hat’s off to you for making it to 10 years of wedded bliss!


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