Reviewed by Ashley Mouzzon, Army veteran and spouse

Liv and Lynne Constantine created a novel told from two different perspectives of women who could not be more opposite. One who dreams of living a life overflowing with wealth and the other who is doing her best to keep her head afloat.

On the surface, The Last Mrs. Parrish is an exceptional book club read as it seems to have the perfect amount of detail mixed with an entertaining plot. Surprisingly, this novel goes well beyond the surface, diving deep into the lives of Amber and Mrs. Daphne Parrish. Amber, a young woman who is obsessed with everyone else’s life except her own, seeks out Daphne, a woman who appears to have everything she could ever want.


As Daphne and Amber build a friendship, readers will be engaged in the events that transpire chapter by chapter. The novel contains an excellent build up, revealing what Amber is truly seeking in her friendship with Daphne; it is certainly not lavish vacations or endless invites to fancy parties.

The closer the women become, their dishonest relationship allows for disturbing secrets to boil violently to the surface. Constantine delivers a well written psychological thriller that can be easily digested in one day.

With themes such as strength, infidelity, and a mother’s love, this novel is an outstanding portrayal of how everything is not as it appears to be. Constantine forces readers to ponder whether we truly know what goes on behind closed doors. Also, readers will come to understand how far a mother will go to protect the lives of her children even when it seems she has no place to turn.

The Last Mrs. Parrish is a powerhouse story that will leave the reader with their head spinning  in the best way!

About the authors:

constantineLiv Constantine is the pen name of internationally bestselling authors and sisters Lynne Constantine and Valerie Constantine. Separated by three states, they spend hours plotting via FaceTime and burning up each other’s emails. They attribute their ability to concoct dark storylines to the hours they spent listening to tales handed down by their Greek grandmother. THE LAST MRS. PARRISH is their debut thriller. 

About the Reviewer:
ashley1 Ashley Mouzzon is a 24-year-old Army Veteran and Army Spouse who recently graduated from Thomas Edison State University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. Currently Ashley is a graduate student at Drexel University.
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