Reviewed by Kathleen Rodgers

Publisher: Elva Resa Publishing, October 1, 2014

Edited by Terri Barnes (author of the book Spouse Calls and a columnist for Stars and Stripes)

From the moment I saw the cover of Stories Around The Table, I knew I had to have this book. The friendly setting of folks gathered around a table appealed to me on so many levels. And because the book is published by Elva Resa Publishing, I knew it would be quality through and through.

Over forty writers have contributed to this moving collection of personal essays that draw you right in. Each writer has a unique voice and a different take on what it means to be a military spouse. Some writers are household names and others are seeing their names in print for the first time. Each entry is written with emotional impact, and you will find yourself laughing, remembering, or grabbing a tissue and pausing to reflect on something that grabs at your heart and won’t let go.

This book is a perfect gift for anyone who has ever married into the military. It will also appeal to military brats or to civilians who wish to understand the strong bond military families share with each other.

I’d give it six stars if I could!

About the reviewer:

kathleen rodgersKathleen M. Rodgers’s work has appeared in Family Circle Magazine, Military Times, and many other publications. Her second novel Johnnie Come Lately is forthcoming from Camel Press (2/1/15). Her debut novel The Final Salute was featured in USA Today and has been reissued in paperback and e-book by Deer Hawk Publications September 2014. She is a military wife and mother.