Good (Monday) Morning!

Our weekend was spent in the usual ways…


What fine literature has my kids so rapt? “The Big Book of Who’s Who: Football.” When Dave’s on deployment, I’m hiding that thing.

In other news, this enormous orange cat regularly installs itself on top of the light fixture in our back yard.

This cat’s unexpectedly teensy meow is like a siren song for the kids, who rush outside to pet him. They call him “Santa” because of his long white beard. This guy must weigh 20+ lbs., but luckily he’s very friendly. He’s a paper tiger, as they say.

We seem to be in a family-wide drawing phase. Alright, so the craze hasn’t hit my husband yet, but the rest of us just can’t stop scribblin’.
IMG_3269I finished reading the big kids Matilda as our nightly story — fun to see how wrapped up in it they got. Now they want the 2nd book in the Peter and the Starcatchers series (written by a 2-man team including Dave Barry!) and Nora is requesting Mr. Popper’s Penguins for bedtime, which she read in school. I love when they’ve enjoyed a book so much on their own that they want to read it all together and share the fun.

As for me, I spent my time finishing When She Woke by Hillary Jordan and plugging away through Life After Life by Kate Atkinson (delightful in parts, but I feel horrid thinking, Is this girl ever just going to die for good, or is she going to keep coming back forever?). Next up is Philipp Meyer’s American Rust, which my dad scored for me at the Carlsbad library after our local library was out of it a full month running. I loved The Son in all its grisly, historically-manic glory, so I’m looking forward to going back to his debut novel and seeing how it compares.

Happy Reading!