It’s been fun to see this blog’s stats over the past few days and realize that readers have been checking in from as far away as Viet Nam, Jordan, Germany, the UK, and the United Arab Emirates. Not to mention, you know, Ohio and Florida and all those places stateside.

I thought I’d host a little contest — leave a comment saying where you’re from and I’ll select one winner at random for an Amazon gift card. You can use it to treat yourself to the next great book…..or that banana slicer 5,000 people have been raving about on Amazon. (Warning: it may or may not slice plantains.)

So go on, don’t be shy! Any reader can comment — you don’t need to be affiliated with the military.

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Coming soon on The Military Spouse Book Review…….

reviews of The Interestings and The Bone Season from a Navy submariner’s wife in London

and a review of a very moving memoir, Ready for Air (“a journey through premature motherhood”)  for those who prefer nonfiction.  A little truth serum, you might say.